I don’t understand why should I work with a professional photographer?




This article will show you why you should work with a professional photographer. Also, why it’s recommended to work with photographers by specialty.



I have a friend who has a camera. He is not a professional photographer, but can be much cheaper than a professional photographer or a photographic studio. I don’t understand why should I appeal to a photographer, when I can work with my friend who has a camera?

This question was addressed to us, by managers, head chefs or even by the business owners. After we explained and showed, how big are the differences, between an photography which has been made by a amateur photographer and a photography which has been made by a professional photographer, they understood the differences.

Also, they have understood what are the risks of a business when you work with amateurs.


A price gained today can be a big loss tomorrow ?


  When we talk with the managers, the owners of the business or with the head chefs, we tell them why it is not recommended to make a photo session with persons who make pictures as a hobby:

An amateur photographer has at most a camera with average standards and one set of  lenses. These types of lenses are usually for holiday photos or travel photography. With this type of lenses , they can’t do photos for advertising or photos for promoting the business.

Also the lenses that are used in the realization of the culinary photography are from macro category and the system of these lenses and also  the lenses themselves must be performance.

   An amateur photographer can’t afford the lenses of high quality. Photographing a culinary product with lenses of poor quality, the photography will not waken the customer interest. And that’s because the details will be diluted or incomplete. Even if someone owns a camera of type DSLR, with a number of 18, 20 or 24 mega pixels, this thing doesn’t make from a person a professional photographer. Besides the camera, a professional photographer should have special lamps for lights, Flash with electronic setups for downloading of light, filters of lights, etc. All these equipments contribute to the quality of a photo.

The Knowledge makes the difference

You can be a good photographer in sports photography but you can’t be a good photographer in portrait photography. The same is happening with Culinary Photography or Food Photography: To be a good photographer in Culinary Photography or Food Photography, you must have knowledge about geometry of plate, psychology of colors, culinary aesthetics etc.

To understand these things we will give you the following example:

      If in a menu, that follow to be photographed, we have green vegetables and red vegetables, to create a visual impact and to transmit the idea of “freshness.”, we’ll put the green vegetables over the red vegetables. It’s very important, how to arrange the colors for a menu and how you work with the forms of the ingredients.

Once you have worked in gastronomy or in hospitality, you have knowledge about how a menu, dessert or drink, should look like when you shooting.  Having this knowledge, practically you came with them and you transpose them in photography.

     For these reasons, an amateur photographer or a photographer of other type of photography, it will be impossible to realize a culinary photography with impact.

Our recommendation is that to work with photographers which are specialized in a specific type of photography.



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