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GRANGER & Co is a company of restaurants from London, owned by the Australian Bill Granger.  In 2017 the company owned four restaurants: Granger  & Co Notting Hill; Granger & Co Kings Cross; Granger & Co Clerkenwell and Granger & Co Chelsea.

According to a statement made by Bill Granger, the menu of the Granger Restaurants is an Aussie Style. For those who wants to know, The Aussie Cuisine (or Australian Cuisine) is a very simple kitchen.

In our opinion it’s so simple that cannot be considered a proper cuisine. The Australian Kitchen is traditionally influenced by British Cuisine and that’s because Australia it was a British colony until 1986 (“Australia Act 1986”). Before British colonization in 1803, Australia has been inhabited by the Aboriginal TribesThese Aboriginal Tribes used primitive methods of cooking just to survive. Today, the Australian Kitchen it’s a mix of different culinary traditions and nothing more. Therefore, a kitchen without identity and history.


Food Quality and Cooking Quality in Granger &Co Restaurants


The quality of the food deals with the ingredients, textures and flavors of the food, the combination of which determines what it tastes like. Cooking quality involves the techniques used when preparing the food, and deals with the skill of the cook who makes the food.

From the beginning we must say that we were very disappointed by the quality of the food and cooking quality in Granger & Co Restaurants.

For our reviews we’ve chosen to eat in two locations: Notting Hill and Chelsea. We found a food without color and taste: The evidence of poor quality ingredients. In Notting Hill we served a salad called: “Sambal chicken salad, green papaya, coriander, peanuts, thai basil and chargrilled spring onion “

The chicken meat was really dry and the coriander hasn’t been washed well. We had the mouth full of sand.  In Chelsea we served a dish called: “sea bass, spinach and citrus salsa“.In spinach we found a hair.

Regarding quality of food in Granger & CO Restaurants we found that:



(How does the food looks in Granger &Co Restaurants)

Frankly speaking, the food at Granger&Co restaurants looks horrible. We were very unpleasantly surprised when we saw the plates of food. Basically, you can’t understand what you have on the plate and what you eat.  Everything is upside down on the plate of food and the food was as unappetizing as it looked. Bill Granger, it is good to know that: food that looks beautiful does taste better.


THE SERVICE (in Granger &Co Restaurants)

 For a business, the Service it is a part of its standards.

The role of service quality in the success of restaurants businesses cannot be denied. As a business owner it is vital to have a good understanding on what exactly the customers want.We must to say that in Granger&Co Restaurants, the quality services are very poor and the standards are zero.

In Our opinion the kitchens from Granger&Co restaurants represent a big risk to the customers. We’ve been simply shocked to see, how kitchens can look like in Granger restaurants: are dirty and full of trash. [The Picture Gallery of the article shows examples in this sense] As you can see from these pictures, when outside were temperatures of 32°C (18th Jun 2017 / Met Office), in the kitchens of Granger restaurants the garbage bags with scraps of food were up to the ceiling. Also, the kitchen door is kept open, allowing the microorganisms, dust and dirt, to get inside over food.

Another situation that demonstrates the total lack of interest on the part of Bill Granger towards customers: The new chefs jackets (the clean ones), are kept directly on the floor, in spits and misery. [Check the picture gallery of the article]

With these jackets, the chefs are going to cook in the kitchen, touching the food. (Here is a problem of management; is not a problem of the cooks).

These facts show that Bill Granger is not interested in the health of clients.  He’s only interested in one thing, and that’s money.



You’ve heard the saying, “You only have one opportunity to make a first impression.” While it may be a cliché, it is true. A positive first impression is an important start to building a relationship with your customers. Which is obviously, is not the case here.



 The Customer is Always Right.  On line customer reviews reflect what we’ve found and us: a very poor service quality. [Check the picture gallery of the article]



A 2014 report from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development revealed that the quality of managers had not improved over the last decade. A recent study carried out by Vlatka Hlupic, Professor of Business and Management at Westminster University, management consultant and author of The Management Shift, showed that of 1,374 employees in the U.K., nearly half (42%) of them have left a job because of a bad boss and almost a third of them feel their current boss is a bad manager. When asked why they disliked their managers, 41% cited a lack of recognition, while 40% said they felt overworked.

The statements of the employees actually it shows the real face of Granger&Co Company and we believe that’s testimonials are true. Taking a look at employment websites, we can see how each week the company makes new hires, and then, we wonder why the old employees has left the company? What impels employees to quit?

When employees are not happy with their jobs or their managers the company needs to solve these discontents, in a fair way. But in Granger&Co, the employees are treated as “slaves”, on the principle “You’re an immigrant, you work as I want. If not, you go”. Bill Granger, let’s not forget that Australia, the country where you come from, a former colony, she learned what means the civilization and what good manners means, from the United Kingdom of Great Britain, and the Great Britain is not a country made up of aboriginal tribes.

Let’s read some statements of employees:


” I have worked as a Chef for Granger& Co, 2 weeks. They have never given me an employment contract. After 2 weeks I’ve gone, without to be paid for the hours worked. If you ask about your rights as a simple employee, you’re fired immediately.”

Former Chef C.D 
Granger & Co | Kings Cross Branch London
United Kingdom


“I have been employed by Granger& Co in Notting Hill Restaurant, as a Chef. I have worked here a single month. In Granger and Co, the Chefs are treated like slaves by the leadership. This company selects the Chefs from among of immigrants, because they don’t know the law of the United Kingdom and what rights they have as employees. After 2-3 days of employment, your program of work will be changed by the company. You’re forced to work 50 hours per week without your consent. Also, you will work 10 hours per day without break. If you refuse to do these things, you are fired immediately without notice. “

Former Chef Peter 
Granger & Co | Notting Hill Branch London
United Kingdom


” My position in this company has been as a Chef.

The stories written by the company in employment ads or mass media, are rubbish !The reality is totally different. The kitchens from Granger & Co Restaurants , are true prisons. Here, as a Chef, you work as the persons of color on the American plantations: 50 -60 hours per week without your consent, cooking in a dirty kitchen without windows, ventilation, , and without lunch break. Beyond the artificial smile, Bill Granger, is just a only guy who uses the people as slaves. “

Former Chef  
Granger & Co | Clerkenwell Branch London
United Kingdom



At the end we can say about Granger&Co Restaurants, that:

  • We had a very negative experience due to bad meals and we are really disappointed with the services ;
  • A very bad place to eat ;
  • A location with very messy kitchens ;
  • A company for which it is not recommended to work ;


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Our reviews are totally independent and impartial. We pay the bills of our budget for what we consume when we do reviews. And this thing must to be clear.


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