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From the antique times, there has always been an interest about the appearance of the food. Since then and up to the present, people tried to improve the image of the food.


That being said, we must realize from the beginning, the fact that, the Culinary Photography is not Food Photography. The differences between the two types of photography are absolute:

While in food photography, the final aim is to determine consumers to buy that product, in culinary photography the ultimate goal is to interact with the clients. To understand this fundamental difference, let’s see the profile of the two types of photography.


Culinary Photography Profile

– It is a type pf photography that is addressed to the culinary arts;

– It is a language of the aesthetics of gastronomy;

– Because a restaurant’s menu is more than just a random list of dishes, Culinary Photography is also a means of promoting a good restaurant menu design;


Food Photography Profile

– It is a photo that is addressed to the marketing;

– Its generally use in the promotion of tenders, belonging to most of the times to one of the retailers;

– Becomes an instrument in sales;


While Culinary Photography is one of the disciplines of the culinary arts, Food Photography is dedicated to exclusive marketing and trade. The differences are found also in their message:  The Culinary Photography tends to send a message of the aesthetics and art of food while the Food Photography explores a subliminal message to determine the customer to buy the product.

And as the effect of vision, the two types of photography are diametrically opposed: Food Photography emphasizes on the product (inciting desire to purchase the product), while the Culinary Photography highlights the fineness of ingredients and the elegant decoration of foods.

As we can see, Culinary Photography is not Food Photography.  As we said before, there are major differences between the two types of photography. In other words, while the Culinary Photography is addressed to culinary aesthetics and the services of hospitality, the Food Photography is a specialization of commercial photography.


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