Why? When? For What? Culinary Photography




Without images, colors or various geometric shapes to support the language, your message will remain a simple story forgotten. And that is one of the main reasons for which we do photography.




  The latest psychological studies in the field of marketing, have demonstrated that the reactions of the people are determined by the impact of the images.

    A culinary photography in the case which it is done correctly, causes certain reactions from the customers as a result of stimulation of the psyche. These reactions can be sensations of hunger; sensations of thirst; appetite ; desire to buy or desire to taste.

    We must remember that : the first reaction of the customers is given by the perception of the image of the product. For these reasons it is recommended to use the culinary photography when you promote your business.



     The achievement of a photo session with regard to the culinary props of a company are disposed by the team of management in the following situations:

When the company promotes a new menu ;

When the sales dropped sharply ;

When the company begins to sale the offers for special events :                                        (Christmas ; Easter ; New Year etc) ;

When the business is in the on-line environment (Facebook ; Instigram; Twiter etc) ;

When the locations of the business are promoted in the mass-media environment ;

When the location or the business follow to be promoted in the mass-media environment;

When the business is promoted on the market of tourism ;

For Web Sites or Blogss


A  photo session  is done for following reasons :

Promotion menu ;

Attract new customers and increasing the sales ;

Improving the communication between your company and customers ;

Development of the business on market;

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Gourmet Snapshot is a studio of Culinary Photography and Food Styling from London , United Kingdom. Gourmet Snapshot aims to achieve a communication between colors and appetite through photography. www.gourmetsnapshot.com

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